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Coming Soon

I guess it’s about time I announced the impending arrival of my newest child.  The Captive Heart, book two in the Daughters of Caleb Bender series, is currently being printed and will be in bookstores in a few short weeks. If reader feedback is any indication, a lot of people are anxious to know what happens to Miriam and Domingo.  The Captive Heart answers that question, but I won’t give away any more than that.  I will say this:  things happen in this book that I’m fairly certain have never happened in any Amish story before.  The pace really picks up in this one; friends who have read it in manuscript form are telling me it’s a page turner.  Imagine— an Amish page turner.  It’s full of surprises, and goes in directions nobody expects.

The Captive Heart is scheduled to be in stores December 1, or you can pre-order a copy through online outlets like CBD or Amazon— which, by the way, is a really good thing to do if you’re interested in helping an author boost his sales…