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You Know You’re a Luddite If…

My cousin emailed me this picture the other day, with a note saying they’ve finally designed a cell phone that’s right up my alley.  If you still don’t get it after a cursory glance at the picture, then you’re either a fellow luddite or a teenager who’s never seen a rotary phone.  Now, this probably doesn’t seem worth more than a perfunctory chuckle until I tell you the rest of the story:

The cousin who sent the email is Amish.

I’m serious.  I can now lay legitimate claim to the title of Undisputed World Champion Luddite.  You know you’re a world class luddite when the Amish make jokes about your technical ineptitude.

My last cell phone was a simple little flip phone.  I never took a picture with it because I own a camera.  I didn’t use it for checking my email because I have a computer for that, and I didn’t use it for browsing the internet because I didn’t know how and didn’t care to learn.  I couldn’t send a text message because (a) my thumbs are…

The Happiest Man I Know

I want to point out a really nice review of Captive Heart recently posted by my friend Jackie Cooper  (and no, he’s not the same Jackie Cooper who was on The Little Rascals a hundred years ago.)  You can find the review here:

We also did a brief video interview about The Captive Heart, and about writing in general.  You can watch the interview here:

Jackie is an entertainment critic for the Huffington Post, and you’ll find both the book review and the interview on their page as well, but I was hoping I could steer my readers to Jackie’s website because I want you to know more about him.  He’s an unusual man.

Born and raised in Clinton, South Carolina (pronounced ‘Clinnon’, for those of us who aren’t from around there), Jackie’s childhood was the southern small-town version of idyllic.  But like many of us, once he got away from home he made some errant choices and his life took a grievous turn:  he went to law school, passed the bar, and became a lawyer. …