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Kiss of the Jewel Bird

Hey, y’all, I need your help. At long last, my new novel is here.  Hot off the presses, Kiss of the Jewel Bird is now available at Amazon and at bookstores near you.  What’s it about? Well, I’ve been working on this book for seventeen years and I still don’t know how to describe it. I want to say things like “Foxworthy meets Kafka,” except those two ideas are so far apart most readers can’t imagine it.

But imagine this. A hapless, down-on-his-luck good old boy from the hills of north Georgia wants to be a writer. He’s a born storyteller in the finest backwoods Southern tradition, but he’s lacking in the tools of the trade and his writing is not up to professional literary standards. Meet Richard Frye. His friends call him Dickie.

Now imagine Dickie saving a white leghorn chicken from certain death and, after bringing the chicken home to the garage where he lives, discovering that this is no ordinary chicken.

Fast forward a few years. Nobel Prize-winning novelist Fletcher Carlyle slaughters a chicken on the…